Migration to WordPress

Boy, it’s been a long time since I posted anything here. So long, that I had completely failed to upgrade the Ghost blogging software through two major version upgrades.

After five days of wrestling with trying to update my ghost installation and failing repeatedly, I’ve decided to make everything smoother and migrate this blog’s content over to a WordPress blog.

So now, all three blogs currently operating on my server are on WordPress. One is in a docker container, and the other two are directly on the main OS (though I may look to move both of them into their own docker containers at some point).

The two hosted by the main OS are also now using straight nginx/php8.1, so that’s two whole services (apache2 and ghost) that I no longer need to run.

I tried replacing my phpLDAPadmin server with a more recent LDAP Account Manager server, but it turns out that in order to manage email addresses, that requires a €300/year subscription to the Pro version, which is absurd for two users. So I’m sticking with phpLDAPadmin, but I have switched it to run on php 8.1, and it seems to be working fine.

So that’s php 7.4 removed, and when I upgrade Nextcloud to v25, I’ll be able to ditch php 8.0 as well, so that’s another two services to kill off from the server! The load average is dropping nicely!

Ok, seems like I have a feed to Twitter connection set up again! Thanks, WP to Twitter plugin!

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