Migration to WordPress

Boy, it’s been a long time since I posted anything here. So long, that I had completely failed to upgrade the Ghost blogging software through two major version upgrades. After five days of wrestling with trying to update my ghost installation and failing repeatedly, I’ve decided to make everything smoother and migrate this blog’s content… Continue reading Migration to WordPress

Network of Things devices 1

So, things have been rather quiet for a while. I’ve been delving into hardware in a major way. One of the design goals for our home automation system is to get as much as possible of it out of the cloud, and disconnected from the Internet. Rather than Internet of Things (IoT) stuff, we want a local Network of Things.

Email: What a ride!

Wow, so much to learn about in order to get things working. This is not a step-by-step guide, more some notes to help you get through the critical parts of the documentation. You really do need to get a good understanding of this stuff. Updated configuration: MailJet is now completely out of the picture. They’re… Continue reading Email: What a ride!

Email received!

Well, after an awful lot of faffing about, I have finally got a working configuration of a Postfix relay in the cloud for incoming mail, and a local Postfix + Dovecot + LDAP configuration, such that Postfix hands off local delivery to Dovecot. next up is mail sending. I’m hoping that now I’ve changed my… Continue reading Email received!

Email – the plan

There are quite a few articles on the web with titles along the lines of “Don’t self-host email“, most of which are pointing to the difficulties of maintaining  an email server’s reputation as not being a source of spam.* Yet, I still want to have the ability to send email from my server at least,… Continue reading Email – the plan

Under Construction

Exactly what will be on this site is yet to be determined, but it will primarily be for private use. If you haven’t been invited to make use of bangdash.space, you won’t be able to use or even see most features. If you’re interested in the tech, read on. Here are the systems I’m planning… Continue reading Under Construction